Cold War Streylock – Project Declassified 2

A tribute series of mixes to my good buddy Spreads aka Streylock. I miss him very much. He used to feed me techno and I used to compile mixes for the car for photo missions. Visiting Cold War bunkers, derelict building, air museums, this was the perfect music for those journeys. Deep electronic techno music. Part one is here Cold War Streylock – Project Declassified
Hope you enjoy.
Mike Dubman and Streylock

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Cold War Streylock – Project Declassified 2

Model 500 – Starlight (Echospace Dub) – Echospace [Detroit]
Terry Lee Brown Junior – Chatterbox – Plastic City. Play
Area Forty One – 986 [Discharging Clouds] Ann Aimee
Hugo Gerani – About Face [EP] Good Company Records
Lawrence – Colts Foot [The Absence Of Blight] Dial
Martin Buttrich – You Must Be This High [Crash Test] Desolat
Round One Ft Andy Caine – I’m Your Brother (Quadrant Dub II) [1993-99] Main Street Records
Mount Kimbie – Ruby [Crooks & Lovers] Hotflush Recordings
Soultek – Metro Park [Reflective] Echospace [Detroit]
The Connection Machine – Avatar Shopping [Painless] Down Low Music
John Roberts – Palace [Fences] Dial
Aybee – Cycles Of She [East Oakland Space Program] Deepblak
Reagenz – Freerotation [Playtime] Workshop
Stanislav Vdovin – December 06 [December24] Rat Hole

Deep Techno – Deep Tech House – Electronica – Techno

Fickle Formula Tribute Mix To Weegee

Fickle Formula Tribute Mix To Weegee

This is a special tribute mix. To a night in Shoreditch I had the pleasure of djing on three occasions. The night was The Fickle Formula and run by the Italian “Our Man Flint” Gian Amat aka Weegee. Held in the dark, dare I say dingy, yeah it was pretty dingy basement bar at 3 Blind Mice situated at number 5 Ravey Street. After dropping down the flight of stairs in the quaint bar with enough room to swing and dance with your pet hamster you were greeted with a eclectic body of sounds. Walls plastered with retro posters, old flyers for nights, bit graffiti here and there, pealing wallpaper. It all added to the charm. The night gave you a pretty free template to drop your favourite records to an open and friendly gathering of like minded people. A bit of beard stroking here and there but it was all in good nature and a place filled with warmth and smiles.

5 Ravey Street - 3 Blind Mice

Weegee the host and resident had been running this night on a monthly basis for many years. The formula was simple, 3 Djs each doing 2 x 40 minute sets. Playing all the right notes in maybe not the right order in a traditional sense but playing music you loved. Jazz, Reggae Dub, House, Soundtracks, Library Music, Ska, Punk, Soul, whatever. Pretty much anything you thought fitted the vibe and sound, adding to that formula. The DJ’s consisted of forum members from The Brownswood Forum(pretty defunked now) and Very Good Plus and friends of the good man Weegee himself.

Fickle Flyer 3

It was my favorite place to spin. Loved it. Living outside London I didn’t get to go very often but when the chance came for a guest spot I jumped at it. A day in London with friends, visiting a few art galleries, a few beers and curry at Tayyabs. Shoreditch and Brick Lane always had a nice vibe.

Fickle Flyer 1

Unfortunately a few years back the night finished but at the time I had been keeping a spot on my shelf where I would place a fickle set tune aside, when I came across one, for the right time. Finding that little section of records I thought it only right to do a little tribute or what I would of played that one last time. Plus hearing the sad news that the place has been gentrified and made all trendy really ripping the heart and soul out of the place. Oh well I guess at least the place will get to live on along with those cherished memories and will have new toilets you won’t be in danger of getting dysentery from!

Fickle Flyer 2

Massive shout of respect to BOSS Gian. A fantastic selector, all round great guy and the man who can musically form a formula out of the fickle.

To him and all the past players, I dedicate this this tribute to you.

Hope you enjoy the formula.

1st set
Centry – Tribute To Lee Perry – Conscious Sounds
Alpha & Omega FT Exile – California V Powell – Alpha & Omega Records
The Irresistible Force – Nepalese Bliss (Jimpster Mix) – Ninja Tune
Wildcat – Personal Reasons (Urban Recycle Mix) – Wildcat White Label
Cybophonia – Vostok Jazz Reprise – Irma Cafe
The Marine Girls – A Place In The Sun – Cherry Red (Lazy Ways)
Rexy – Alien – Alien Records (Running Out Of Time)
Joyce and Jon Henricks – Taxi Driver
Kalima – The Smiling Hour – Factory
Liquid Loop – Slow Motion – Perfect Toy Records
Inertia – Satisfaction – Buzz Buzz (Panic In Detroit)
2nd Set
Jan Hammer Group – Don’t You Know – Nemperor Records (Melodies)
Butti 49 – Alan Accelerates (Fenomenon’s Snow Jogg 87 Remix) – Hi Fi Terapi
Nebuchadnezzar and The Pharoahs – One Two Three – Hallmark Records ( Reggae, Willing & Able)
Boz Scaggs – We Were Always Sweethearts – Columbia (Moments)
Wilbert Longmire – Scarborough Fair & Canticle – World Pacific Jazz (Revolution)
Don Sebesky – Semi Tough – CTI Records (Giant Box)
Ripple – Victorious – Salsoul Records (Sons Of The Gods)
Dandy Livingstone – Instant Music – More Cut Records
Eddie Grant – Neighbour Neighbour – Ice (Message Man)


Smiling Hour by Kalima video.

Flyers by Made In Earnest (Sid Ford)


A few past mixes from sets from Fickle Formula
I never recorded the first time but these are the others

The Heptones – Heptones Disco Dub

This and a few of the later posts are some words and selections I did on a Facebook 7 reggae tunes over 7 days.
So here’s another Reggae Rootical Dub Selection inna my Collection

The Heptones – Heptones Disco Dub

The Heptones – Heptones Disco Dub Side A

Can I go with a whole EP? Looks like I shot myself in the foot like with the last pick from Rod Taylor! So hard to pick the best one or my favorite.
Was being cocky and was going to go straight in with “Why Must I?” as it was the first one and it would make it easy but then theres “I Shall Be Released“. Then a flip of the vinyl and it has to be the driving force of “Mr President” always seems an apt tune for any time. But then track 2 side B comes on with it’s ism schism and the mighty voice of Jah Lion and it’s all about “Crying Over You” Oh jeeeez I don’t know?
Lee Scratch Perry smashes his usual killer sound in classic style sat on his throne at Black Art. The Scratch sound is always so on top form and a sound you could never stop listening too. So Scratch the Legend. Having those sweet angels harmony’s floating on top of those tough rhythms from the sublime Heptones. Well it’s a match made in pure heaven.
Which one will I pick?
I’m gonna have to pop for “Mr President” and more Jah Lion but check the whole EP if you don’t know it. Some lovely fella has upload it and in that way I ended up picking them all!

The Heptones – Heptones Disco Dub Side B

The Heptones – Mr President

The Heptones – I Shall Be Released

The Heptones – Why Must I

The Heptones – Crying Over You

Rod Taylor – If Jah Should Come Now

Stupidly going for a track to pick as a favourite from the debut “If Jah Should Come Now” LP from Rod Taylor. Silly as the whole recording is really super sublime and it’s hard to pick a best but I’m going to go for track 4 side A “Jah Love Is Real” with that bubbling bass from Errol “Flabba” Holt and a demented amount of bleeps, I’m a sucker for some bleeps and squeaks.

The lp is produced by Prince Hammer and is a real showcase for Rod Taylor’s style of vocals. To be honest I could of picked anyone of the tracks on this dread recording. The title track, “In This Time” “The Lord Is Watching” its just superb through-out.

I pick this up around the beginning of 1990 on the “Little Luke” label for about a fiver. It’s been a constant companion to my decks ever since.
Plus the cover has one of the cutest images with the three dread kids with that “Happy” T-shirt.

Rod Taylor - If Jah Should Come Now - Front

Rod Taylor - If Jah Should Come Now - Back

I’ve cued up “Jah Love Is Real” but the whole lp has been uploaded by some lovely person.

Rod Taylor - If Jah Should Come Now - Label

Cold War Streylock – Project Declassified

A series of tribute mixes to my photography partner and good buddy Spreads aka Streylock. I do so miss him very much. He used to feed me techno and I would compile mixes for the car for photo missions. Over the years we journeyed all across the country visiting Cold War bunkers, Air Museums, historical places and derelict buildings.

No mission is ready to start without a good soundtrack to have coming out of the speakers. Techno fitted these Cold War missions. Dark, moody, glitchy electronic sounds. Perfect music to drive too. Here’s the start of the series which complements the sounds listened too. They are called Cold War Streylock – Project Declassified and this is the first part.

Our photography site can be seen here at Dubman & Streylock It’s a long way from being finished as there are 100 places we visited together but I’m slowly going through our archives of trips and uploading what I can.

Cold War Streylock – Project Declassified by Mad Mongos Radio Soul on Mixcloud


Skudge – Modular Storm [Phantom] – Skudge Records
Brickman – Rhythm Obstruction [Structures And Textures] Entropy Records
Toni Latenz – Holding You [Gone Beyond The Scope] Schall
Brendon Moeller – In Pursuit [Works] Electric Deluxe
Deepchord – Glow [Sommer] Soma Quality Recordings
Upwellings – Distant Dub No 2 [Distant Dubs] ZeECc
Brickman – In The Rain (Version 2) [Structures And Textures] Entropy Records
Murcof – Paloma 1 [La Sangre Iluminada] Intolerancia
Basicnoise – Raumklang II [More Agravic EP] Schall-Netlabel
Pantha Du Prince & The Bell Laboratory – Photon [Elements Of Light] Rough Trade
Redshape – Laser [In Trust We Space] Present
Zzzzra – Rejoindre Lemuria [Le Futur Vaincra] Trucs Et Astuces
Deepchord – Aquatic [Sommer] Soma Quality Recordings

This photo is taken in the tunnel of the Portland Bunker.
Portland bunker tunnel

Hope you enjoy the journey through the sounds.
All the best
Mike aka Dubman

Wailing Souls – Kingdom Rise Kingdom Fall

Wailing Souls – Kingdom Rise Kingdom Fall – Greensleeves 1980

One of my absolute all time favorites. From the almighty Wailing Souls.
Right from the outset the call out intro gets you right in the mood for this incredible heavy heavy slow paced 10 mile an hour tune, wind the windows down and turn the stereo up to eleven.
Kingdom Rise Kingdom Fall. Its all about the music cut outs leaving tiny pieces of acapella and not forgetting that deep bass rhythm that rocks the inner core of your soul. When the dub hits the vocals are echoed out to near on distortion. Oh not forgetting that wood block and the random taps and scraps. I love this tune so much.

The Wailing Souls

I first got totally blown away by this pure killer of a tune when I purchased a cassette tape from Camden Lock. The track list just said “WS SOUND” I was lost. I need that tune. So that leads to me singing it to a few records stalls, rather badly I must add. Success was found at The Dub Stack by a guy named Bags. Little did I know that it was going to be a right bugger to track down and was going for big money when ever it did surface. So I stayed content with the cassette tape and later an MP3 but to my joy and happiness Greensleeves re-released it this year and now the beauty rarely comes off my deck. My eyes are always open for a good deal on the original but the reissue is top-notch and alls good with the world now.

Check out the The Wailing Souls Website here. They are still touring.
All the best and happy listening

Augustus Pablo (Rockers All Stars) – Hanging Dub

Will be posting up some tunes I really like. Might be something you may of missed or a gem to you too.

Augustus Pablo (Rockers All Stars) – Hanging Dub – Rockers Label from the album “One Step Dub” first recorded in 1988 in Jamaica and then released in the UK in 1991 on Greensleeves, which is when I first heard and had my mind blown by some great Jamaican electronics.

This is the dub lp from the Junior Delgado recording “One More Step” from 1988 on the Mango label.
If I’m totally honest I’m not that fussed about the rest of the recording but sure it’s just because “Hanging Dub” is so good.
Picked it up from Daddy Kool Records just because it was a new Augustus Pablo recording and had just arrived and was sitting there on the desk so I added it to the pile of tunes that I had brought that day.

Augustus Pablo - One Step Dub

Back home to Poole I started flicking through the goods to see what I had come away with. First listen is always a flick through to get the feel of the good tunes before you replay them properly. Well that was the idea until “Hanging Dub” came on. Rewind rewind rewind!
That haunting intro pretty well mashed me up. Stopped dead in my tracks. What was my ears hearing! Stood in front the deck eyes closed, ears opened to their fullest. Slightly swaying and that wonderful feeling when that unexpected tune hits you and the hairs on the back of your neck go up, the vinyl junky fix we all so love.

That striking effected skank that cuts through the air, that head nodding bass line and the little piano touches. Junior Delgado’s words “Hanging Tree” giving the track a dark under tone then that haunting sound comes back in and gives the tune it’s meaning.
It’s an effects bonanza and I still keep listening to it over and over again.

This is the original release on the Rockers label 1988
Augustus Pablo ‎– One Step Dub - Rockers

Who Is William Onyeabor – Fantastic Man Documentary

Who Is William OnyeaborFantastic Man Documentary

I know I’ve been slacking, or how else could I have missed this ridiculously brilliant documentary from the Noisey Vice Website.

If like me and you have a love for music, digging records and get a good buzz from a good story then this documentary film is for you. In the line of the superb Searching For Sugar Man. This short but very sweet 30 minute film is a real delight.

Well that picture is going to make you want to watch it! A cool looking Nigerian wearing a cowboy hat with a feather in his studio filled with a crazy amount of synthesizers.
Making African disco music fueled with funk, folk and a heap of crazy sounds. Add to that a fair few mystery stories and you have yourself a very interesting piece of entertainment.
Check it out, it’s ace.

William Onyeabor - Atomic Bomb Mad Mongos

William Onyeabor – Atomic Bomb
The synth work is so gawd darn crazy I freaking love it

William Onyeabor – Better Change Your Ways

A few links for further info.

Luaka Bop and The Home Of William Onyeabor Website

William Onyeabor Wiki page

Happy vibes
Mike Mongos


The Secret List by Sanjiv Ahluwalia

Author, traveler and record hunter Sanjiv Ahluwalia brings us The Secret List. A series of well crafted and beautifully designed books giving an essential guide that opens the lid on those lesser known record shops, the little hidden gems in the city of the title. Coming across like a vinyl version of Alan Whicker, top fella Sanjiv gives you tips on quaint places to eat, drink and somewhere to relax, whilst looking through your recently purchased musical delights. Choice images of stunning architecture and of course pictures of piles, shelves and boxes of the black stuff, gorgeous honest vinyl.

The Secret List – Los Angeles

secret list los angeles

The Secret List – Paris

Secret list Paris

These can be purchased here at the independent book store Lulu.

With New York, Amsterdam and London in production, these are great reads for the record collector to look forward to.

Other related links to The Secret List are his following sites

The Secret List
Made In Earnest (The books design)

Happy vibes
Mike Mongos


Dennis Bovell – Dub On Air Radio Show – Soho Radio

Dennis Bovell

Was very excited to find out that the Don Dennis Blackbeard Bovell was doing a radio show as he is without doubt a true legend of the British reggae scene and furthermore a fantastic and important producer who crossed the boundaries of music genres.

The show is called Dub On Air coming out of Soho Radio.

Listed here is his latest shows. Dennis really has a lovely manner about him and the music so far has been a journey though his musical history with little stories and laughs added a long the way. For me, a massive fan, these show have been a truly wonderful experience and bought a gigantic smile to my face.

Big up Mr Blackbeard, lets hope the shows keep coming. Listed below are the shows so far on the Soho Radio Mixcloud profile. I’m going to be revisiting these over and over.

Dub on Air with Dennis Bovell (31/5/15)

Dub on Air with Dennis Bovell (31/5/15) by Soho Radio on Mixcloud

Play List

1.Brain Damage – Dennis Bovell
2.Bun Dem – Steel Pulse
3.She is beyond good and evil – The Pop Group
4.Newtown – The Slits
5.Riot in Lagos – Riuchi Sakamoto
6.Compelled – Cosmic Idren
7.Tell Tale Signs – Bananarama
8.House On Fire – The Boomtown Rats
9.Confusion – Jean ‘Binta’ Breeze
10.Dem a Vulture – Rivaz
11.Sufferer – General Roots
12.Ain’t got time – Smash the Box and Dennis Bovell
13.Politik Kills – Many Chao featuring Linton Kwesi Johnson
14.Nice and Slow – Boy George
15.Arising – Jean ‘Binta’ Breeze
16.Picking up the pieces – Dennis Bovell
17.Let it Rain – Spahni’s Dubdancers featuring Dennis Bovell
18.Come Again – Dub Natty Sessions featuring DennisBovell
19.Aliena – Rosa Paeda featuring.Dennis Bovell
20.Peros Rompebolas – Las Kellies
21.Love and Romance – The Slits
22.Baby Father – Sade remixed by Dennis Bovell
23.Way Ohh Dub – Joss Stone remixed by Dennis Bovell
24.After Tonight – Winston ‘King Cool’ Francis
25.Alice – Spahni’s Dubdancers feat Dennis Bovell
26.Flying – Dennis Bovell Dub Band


Dub on Air with Dennis Bovell (17/05/15)

Dub on Air with Dennis Bovell (17/05/15) by Soho Radio on Mixcloud

Play List

1.Castro Brown speaks to Dennis Bovell – Dennis Bovell
2.After Tonight – Dennis Bovell
3.Electrocharge – Dennis Blackbeard Bovell
4.Even tough you are gone – Louisa Mark
5.Our Reggae Music – Brown Sugar
6.Can’t go through with life – Marie Pierre
7.Don’t let it go to your head – Black Harmony
8.Love Me Deeper – Cassandra and the Dub Band
9.Thank you for the many things you’ve done – Cassandra
10.Femi Dub – Mawamba Dub
11.El Passoah – Dennis Bovell
12.Imagine Dub – Dennis Bovell featuring Janet Kay
13.Grand Bazaar – Dennis Bovell
14.Dub of Ages – Dennis B0vell
15.None ah Jah Jah Children – Dennis Bovell and the 4th Street Orchestra
16.Saxophonagravaparachuta – Dennis Bovell feat Bukky Leo
17.Ah who Seh – Dennis Bovell and the 4th Street Orchestra
18.Reflections – Dennis Blackbeard Bovell
19.Land of Sensi – Macka B
20.After the Storm – Dennis Bovell
21.Lost and Dub – Steve Mason mixed by Dennis Bovell
22.Rowing – Dennis Bovell and the Dub Band
23.Skylarking – Madness produced by Dennis Bovell
24.Blaubart – Dennis Blackbeard Bovell
25.Binoculars – Dennis Blackbeard Bovell
26.Scientific – Dennis Blackbeard Bovell
27.Things I do for you – Matumbi
28.Dream – Dennis Bovell
29.Living in a Dream – Matumbi
30.Help Me – Bobby Kray
31.Jungle – Toots and the Maytals
32.Stepping In Dub (Warrior Charge,dub version) – Vin Gordon


Dub on Air with Dennis Bovell (03/05/15)

Dub on Air with Dennis Bovell (17/05/15) by Soho Radio on Mixcloud

Play List

1.Strictly Dub – Blackbeard
2.Come With Me – Dennis Curtis
3.Caught you in a lie – Louisa Mark
4.Black Skin Boy – 15, 16, 17
5.Run Rasta Run – Dennis Bovell (African Stone)
6.Walk Away – Marie Pierre
7.A Little Way Different – Errol Dunkley
8.Inglan’ is a Bitch – Linton Kwesi Johnson
9.Out of the Shadows – John Kpiaye
10.In Love with a dreadlocks – Brown Sugar
11.One Life to Live – Dennis Bovell
12.Nasty – Dubmaster- The Dennis Bovell Dub Band feat Julio Finn (harmonica)
13.Point of View – Matumbi
14.Whap’n Bap’n – I-Roy
15.Stand By Me – Winston (King Cool) Francis
16.Sufferer Sound Dub Plate – The Dennis Bovell Dub Band
17.Guidance – Johnny Clarke
18.In the Rain – Webby J
19.Never Get Away – Natural Mystic
20.Silly Games – Janet Kay
21.Looking for Real Love – Hollie Cook
22.Ordinary Man – Matumbi
23.Fall Babylon – Dennis Bovell and Roots United
24.Love Me Dub – Joss Stone mixed by Dennis (Dubmaster) Bovell
25.After Tonight – Dennis Bovell Akoustic
26.Simone’s Ska – Dennis Bovell Jazz Dub Band

Thanks to Dennis Bovell for these super shows. I salute you.

Happy vibes
Mike Mongos